owls for Hanna

I’ve been reading a lovely little blog for the last couple of years… ihanna.nu (argh! it’s broken right now! I’m not even sure that Hanna will see this post now… what to do? what to do? I’ve been procrastinating on this so long… argh! update: Never mind – she’s back now)


I’ve never commented. I’m a lurker! (I lurk all over the web, and now I feel bad about it, so I’m going to be brave and start leaving comments on the blogs I visit when I have something to say)

Even though I don’t do many crafts any more, I follow this blog in google reader because I love Hanna’s photos and style. I also follow her on flickr.

And even though I don’t know Hanna in real life, when I saw these graffiti owls in Post Alley (a long time ago now…) I thought of her! Hanna likes owls, but I’m not sure if she’ll like these owls…

Isn’t it funny that you can know a person somewhat from reading their writing, but they don’t even know you exist? I guess authors have that experience all the time. But in this online era I can link to Hanna’s blog and hopefully she will see these pictures. Maybe she’ll find it a little strange too that someone from the other side of the world she has never heard of took pictures with her in mind…

to see more of my street art photos, including more owls for Hanna, visit me on flickr.

oh well… Hi Hanna! I enjoy your blog… =)


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4 Responses to owls for Hanna

  1. Amanda Rodgers says:

    I just want to “like” this blog entry. :)

  2. Liz says:

    I “like” this too. Even with the angry owls! I hope Hanna sees this! :)

  3. space says:

    be brave. comment away!

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