morning walk

One of the best things about dogs is that they force you out of the house every morning, even when you’d rather not go. And if they’re as badly trained as mine, their sniff-stops will give you plenty of time to look around and (quite literally) smell the roses.

The other morning on my walk I noticed…

-the crows have begun their dive bombing reign of terror. Either nesting season has begun, or they really just didn’t like that guy. Sorry, no video. Hopefully he walks past again tomorrow!

-snow-in-summer is everywhere. Maybe one of my neighbors might share some with me… It’s one of the plants I found in Covering Ground which I took home from the library yesterday. I took lots of ground cover inspiration photos today. Speaking of which…

-buttercups DO spread well. A little bird told me so and I found proof.

-there is a good reason hubby won’t let me have wisteria, or anything climbing, near the house. Ditto, ivy. Just say no to ivy.

-I almost missed the tiny little lady sitting on the floor of her tiny little porch. And if I hadn’t been paying attention I might have missed that she was actually using a hip-strap loom, weaving blue fabric on her cold little porch. (I deliberately left her out of the picture I snuck – I don’t think she should have to be a cultural curiosity, as much as I am curious about her!)

(btw click any photo to see it bigger)

-I saw a photo online this morning asking “what are the textures of your corner of the world?” and I found my own answer sheltering from the rain under a tree.

-bumblebees are fast little guys. and funny. or maybe I’m just a little funny in the head…

-the camera can barely handle this much gorgeous red/orange/pink; proving once again that the human eye is an amazing thing that we take for granted every day. One of the best things about photography is learning the difference between what the lens/film/sensor can do and what the eye sees.

-you never know where you might find a little bit of beautiful…


feel free to check out the full set on flickr

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7 Responses to morning walk

  1. Sarah says:

    I love your photos, Jo….

  2. Angela Bond says:

    Makes me miss my cute little Ballard yard! But, am getting to know about tropical flowers from my friend, Emma, and her 1960’s plant/flower books!

  3. Robyn says:

    Gorgeous photos, Joanna! Very nicely done.

  4. Liz says:

    I feel like I should know what that orange flower is. It is simply gorgeous!

  5. space says:

    beautiful! especially the poppy!!

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