cheap quick fix – glass doors

I have a new project to share!

We have a TV stand/media cabinet with clear glass doors. We have a dvd player and a stereo thing in there, along with a few other gadgets and a lot of cords and our 2 remaining dvds – we sold the rest to fye last month! for cash money =)

Hubby was getting sick of seeing clutter and I was getting sick of him talking about spray-can frosting the doors to hide our things. I didn’t think the doors would look good frosted because the pale color would bring more contrast and attention to the media cabinet. Hubby saw my point, but we didn’t have a good compromise solution.

I came up with a plan to get some black rice paper or some other dark colored translucent material, but I couldn’t find any at Michaels and I didn’t want to pay fancy paper store prices.

And then my brain came up with a solution. The answer just popped into my head as we drove home from Michaels. (That’s what long mulling will do.)

Dark brown tissue paper! …which I had in my rescued-wrapping-paper stash, thanks to some wrapping-happy relatives. Out of the 4 sheets I had, 2 were free of tape and tears and more than big enough to cover the glass. You’ll see in the pictures I didn’t need much else – scissors and some tape. 10 minutes later… DONE!

And we’re both happy with the result.

Cost $0. woo hoo!


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  1. space says:

    huzzah! good thinking!

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