a funny little video…

Is it just me? I thought this was hilarious!

(and yes, I am writing this on a macbook air…)


Jo ;)

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1 Response to a funny little video…

  1. Kate says:

    bwahahahahaha ha!

    Thought about leaving a grumpy comment on getoffthiswheel about Third World vs Developing World attitudes and how elitist and Western Materialist the whole current contemporary fashion for minimalism is: it is about VALUES not THINGS….. But then I realized that doing that would just be distraction activities to keep myself from clearing clutter (my project for today is to tidy up my living spaces which usually = get rid of something). In fact what the heck am I doing online? I have projects to do all over my house. Oh yes, I interrupted what I was doing (completing a sewing project) to do some online shopping. With a Macbook Pro who needs to be driven to the Mall?……

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