crazy 5 year diary cover

I forgot to show you my most useful crazy quilt!

It started as a wide rectangle of blues and browns that was intended to be a “hussif”. That would be a “housewife” or a sewing kit… yes, interesting name, don’t you think? It’s a little pouch that holds scissors, needles, threads and flosses and perhaps a small embroidery project, and back when I was crazy quilting I thought it would be a cool thing to make.

And then I got busy working and stopped sewing and the embroidered crazy piece got folded up and put away in my sewing basket… for a few years.

I had vague plans for a kindle cover, or a journal cover, or a fancy bag.

And then during my get-it done phase I finally saw what it would work best for – my 5 year diary. B gave it to me for Xmas one year and although I loved the concept I didn’t really love the green and gold cover. But with a bit of binding in leftover blue silk the crazy fit perfectly!

I added some paua shell buttons (also from B!) to make a closure. And I enjoy it every day… almost – I am not good at every day things like 5 year diaries! I gave up half way through 2009, started up again half way through 2010, and I’m a week behind this year… so it’s kind of a 6 year diary now, with gaps… :) But I love reading what was happening on this day in 2006 or 2008…

btw did you know “crazy” doesn’t refer to the mental state of the person doing this quilting (although it could!) but rather to the “crazed” pattern like the glaze on Japanese porcelain? It was a Victorian fad. I guess I am crazy to love it so much. There’s nothing like a really good crazy quilt. J Marsha Michler is my favorite crazy quilt artist.

crazy quilts remind me of colorful zentangle doodles!


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3 Responses to crazy 5 year diary cover

  1. B says:

    It’s gorgeous Jo, can’t believe the transformation. Glad to see you made use of the paua buttons as well (completely forgot I’d sent them your way). I’m impressed you’ve managed to ‘keep up’ the diary – albeit a year later. As you know I’m always ‘behind’ (hence the delayed reponse to your blog). But figure part of the enjoyment is planning and envisaging what ‘could be’. I gave up feeling guilty about all the things ‘not yet done’ … gets in the way of celebrating what one has achieved. Happy crazy quilting … Bx

  2. Space says:

    very lovely cover! you’re crazy quilting talent (and crazy talented generally)!

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