more doodles

above - 4 doodle pages from a little notebook B gave me... below, top right - 9 playing card doodles scanned together, with 5 watercolor postcard doodles


Adding images to these posts is sometimes rather frustrating…

in fact, it’s about the only thing that I find frustrating on wp…

never mind.

I hope you like my doodles. They’re from 2009 and 2010. I tried to find images of the ones I did with more shading… maybe I will have to start drawing again so I can show the shaded effect. (I left a comment on a blog this morning In Laila’s Corner but now I can’t find any examples to show her…)

btw I do declare: This is going to be a blogging week!


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2 Responses to more doodles

  1. Hi Jo, your doodles are very nice. I really like these with the curved white aeras that’s a clever way of making space for other things.
    Thank you so much for commenting over at my blog earlier today. Good luck with blogingweek! :-))

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