sewing update: I’m really DONE this time!

I finished sewing a backing on my last quilt to make a simple picnic blanket or warm weather coverlet. In other words, I didn’t put any batting in it! I went back and forth, wondering what I should do, but in the end I had to admit I didn’t want to do any more quilting (not by hand, machine, big stitch – not even tying!). This quilt is full of wonky seams. It’s just not worth it. I didn’t want to mess around with binding either. So all I have to do is hand sew the gap I left open to turn it (yes, I lied in the title – there’s always one more thing to do before you’re really DONE)

I designed this quilt top in 2005, influenced by the Gees Bend quilts and Maori designs and Amish solid color quilts and who knows what else that was floating around in my brain. It was also my first try at using triangles. It’s very bright and cheerful. Candy colors and black. And covered in pug hair!

The reason I finally decided to sit down and sew the backing on (15 minutes before I had to leave for work)… I found a place to donate my sewing machine! The Youth Services folks at the library will put it to good use. It’s not a fancy machine – in fact it’s downright crappy. No real sewer would want it. You can’t even adjust the stitch length! That’s seriously crappy. But it has served me well, kind of. It did the job and I made lots of nice things despite it.

I already checked with my friends and they are happy to let me borrow or use their machines if I need to. But most everything I need or want to do I could do by hand. I prefer hand sewing anyway – it feels less like work! Quilting and sewing using all the quick techniques always made me feel like I was in a sweatshop :)

Maybe I will come to regret giving up my machine, but maybe not. If I do change my mind, I will choose a much better machine next time.

Bye bye, blue plastic sewing machine! thanks for everything…


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