I’m still here…

Don’t worry, I haven’t gone anywhere… I’ve just been working on other things.

Actually I was in a bit of a funk last week. Even hubby noticed it. I didn’t even manage to make decent dinners. Usually I can at least do that. But my energy and attention went… somewhere else…

But now it’s back! I’m back to veggie stir frying. I’m writing – I have a couple of long posts coming soon, once I figure out how to split my quilting story into manageable chunks. I’m getting stuff done, finished, clearing out the stagnant projects, almost in time for the new lunar year!

Yesterday I had some time before the bus came to take me home. I was tempted to wander the aisles of Value Village, but there is nothing I really need (actually I found a great coat and dress there the other day!) And the lure of the road not-yet-walked called to me… so I took it. I wandered for half an hour in the piercing sunlight, admiring funny little houses built in the 50s, flat empty lawns, strangely quiet streets and some surprisingly lovely trees.

I recharged myself instead of losing myself to mindless time-killing.

I highly recommend it – walking down a road simply because you haven’t walked it before. You don’t have to go far. You’ll open up a different perspective. And a little sun in the eyes and air in the lungs will do you a world of good.

And when you’re done with the roads, try the alleys behind them. See another side of things.


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1 Response to I’m still here…

  1. Kate says:

    ooooh yes! walking a road never walked before. My addiction totally….that’s where most of my free time last year went to: exploring a new geography. And I am so with you, too, on the stagnant projects thing. I finished a pair of socks tonight (in a City Council meeting). It felt sooooo good! They have been on needles a two years, dragging to meetings every now and then and being left on one side when a more sparkly sexy knitting project came up. After starting them I have knitted two other pairs of socks (in a beautiful tweedy yarn) two cable caps, one green lace shawl, one elm leaf lace scarf and begun another lace scarf. This particular sock project’s issue was that they were conceived to use up some black sock yarn I happened to have lying around. Black is not top of my list of colours so they got to the end of the queue every time. Now they are done and I have apologised to them because I have a totally new pair of socks to wear with my boots in what promises to be another six weeks of pretty sever winter. Yay for completion. And double yay for having Jo back online.

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