I keep my iPod Touch in a sock

I keep my iPod touch in a thin black sock.

I didn’t want the screen to get all scratched in my bag or pocket. I didn’t want to ruin the beautiful sleek design with a big ugly case. I didn’t want to spend any more money.

I was going to make something but I wanted it to be just right and so I spent time online researching designs…

and my temporary solution became permenant by default.

I had a small thin anklet style sock that was too tight on my ankle. The iPod fit in it perfectly. I folded it over to create a case with a triple layer of sock on the screen side. The too-tight ankle holds the little package together.

I don’t leave the sock lying out on the table when I use the iPod in public. I am a tiny bit embarrassed by it. I mean, it is a sock.

But no one has ever called me on it.

Lesson: other people don’t really notice what you do/have. And if they do, so what?

Lesson: sometimes you have what you need right in front of you. A sock isn’t just a sock.



(written dec 7 2010, 10:38am, on the bus, on my iPod touch)

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3 Responses to I keep my iPod Touch in a sock

  1. Kate says:

    Love this! You are so ahead of the curve! I am all for low tech, low consumer solutions to our needs. Repurposing is a big preoccupation. Something which is so easily done in developing countries and something which, since coming to US has worried me: the culture of the disposable everything. Use something once and throw it away along with all the packaging. I try to buy in bulk and repurpose containers for my purchases. I very seldom put out garbage – in fact so little that after a few months in my new little toy town, the city utilities department stopped charging me for garbage removal. they thought I was taking it to a dumpster on my own. Rethingk. Repurpose. Recycle and Socks to Ipods Yay!

  2. space says:

    It was a brillant idea! And there should be more like it. This kind of thinking it the beginning of fixing big, scary problems on a small personal scale, maybe the only way things ever get fixed…

  3. Ah, the pressure! Now I feel like I have to live up to myself :)
    I know I could do better, even though I know I am doing OK… I am thinking on ways to create more of what I want out of things I have. But I’m still throwing out crazy volumes of crap I don’t want (never wanted, why the hell do they keep sending me this stuff?!) …and seeing so many things I could have done without…

    btw the new silver toy I am writing this on lives in a furoshiki and a (perfectly sized) bubble wrap envelope. Rolled up they make a nice stand to tilt the machine to a slightly ergonomic position. I done good :)

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