I admire all the wonderful bloggers out there who (appear to) have a plan, vision, focus, discipline…

I feel like I am spending my days trying to figure out how best to juggle my life – work, play, relaxing, writing, stretching, walking, eating. Up comes the desire to purge or rearrange everything to make myself feel better; then the remembering that there’s nothing wrong so there’s no need to try to feel better…

I spend too much time trying to figure these things out, and not enough time getting on and doing things. Or maybe I spend too much time trying to identify what’s wrong with me.

I feel scattered.

But I have been writing (at home, on the ferry, at Cornerstone, in the breakroom). I just haven’t written it here in the herenow.
I have been writing the past. Discovering that my memories of the past are often skewed – a reflection of my current neuroses.

I have been spinning myself a line.

Today I am going to look for scenes. What happened? Where’s the story? Is there one? Crack it open. Find the meat.   

Wish me luck.

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