On a rainy day, a little sunshine

 One day last summer I went out around the block (4 times) and took pictures of yellow (and red, and blue, and green…) and then I let picasa turn them into collages. It might have been more satisfying to do them by hand, but I loved the instant gratification of digital. In a few hours I went from nothing to… ta-da! COLOR!

Today I thought I might do grey, black and brown… inside the house.

But then again…

Today, I do declare, I will engage the rain. I will go outside (a 2010 goal) and get to know “January 5th, grey rainy day; not as wet as yesterday”.

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1 Response to On a rainy day, a little sunshine

  1. kate says:

    Love to see the results of your exploring – the light was beautiful for a while there.

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