a list

a selection of places to visit and trips to take:
Japan – the bits I missed and the bits I liked the best (Kyoto, Tokyo)
the Outback, Daintree rainforest, Oz
Yellowstone (the supervolcano!), the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, Yosemite, the redwoods… generally, the West.
San Francisco.
Mt St Helens (OK, any and every volcano, but Mt St Helens is special to me. And it’s practically in my backyard!)
New York City
Western Europe. I want to walk across France. Scandanavia, Italy, Amsterdam. Also Iceland and Split ( a town in Croatia that I recently heard of and saw on TV – thanks Rick Steves).
I want to walk across, around and through England.
I don’t remember the details but I heard about a place in the south of Nepal – a forest national park.
I want to fly around the Himalayas (I don’t think I’m up to trekking – high altitude doesn’t seem to agree with me).
South East Asia
Greece and the Greek Islands
Olympic Peninnsula, WA (also in my backyard)
the Pacific Coast of the US
I would also like to walk Aotearoa-NZ…

some of these places I am scared of, some I have been to and want to return to, some are nearby… some I would never have known about if it were not for TV and books – and I might be satisfied having seen the pictures just knowing that they’re out there in the world.

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